overshoes review
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Winter Review Special: Do I Need Overshoes ?

by Cyclist Iain & Cyclist Yoni It’s definitely an unpopular subject, but just as important as selecting the right jacket, especially when you’re using your bike for the daily commute. Feet. Dry feet to be exact, are amongst what will keep you on your bike during winter, as opposed to staying in, wrecking your brains who delivers chicken noodle soup. It’s the eternal problem right?  The winter cyclists need to stay warm and dry despite the best attempts of the British weather to reduce them to a shivering wreck. This can lead to one of two things.  Either you end…

Oxfordshire Wiltshire 100 km
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Route: Oxfordshire and Wiltshire

by Cyclist Sharon, rides Road, MTB 📏Distance: 63 miles ⏱️ Duration: 4:41 hours 🚴 Difficulty: Intermediate 🚲 Terrain: road  During the first Sunday in September I took on a road ride around Oxfordshire and I dipped into Wiltshire.  I didn’t plan my route beforehand and just went where the wind took me! cycling route in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire – here we go! At the start of the ride I was planning to complete just over 50 miles but with a lot of determination before the 50 mile point I decided I would set myself the goal of getting past the…

gravel cycling route
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Gravel Cycling Route: Hatfield – St Albans

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Gravel, MTB & Brompton 📏Distance: 25 miles ⏱️ Duration: 2:45 hours 🚴 Difficulty: Gravel / Intermediate  🚲 Terrain: road  So I got my new gravel bike. Don’t mean to brag, but they’re great. Was really keen on putting them to the test with a gravel cycling route, and that was just the right weekend to do that: one “gang” member is glamping, the other one had friends from abroad isolating with them, So I took the Trekky with his hybrid, to test a gravel cycling route from Hatfield (30 mins from London) to  St. Albans.

social cycling route
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Route: Five Parks (London)

by Cyclist Yoni & Cyclist Chris, both ride Brompton 📏Distance: 27 miles ⏱️ Duration: 2:30 hours 🚴 Difficulty: Beginner  🚲 Terrain: road  Last Sunday we’ve taken on a rather “social cycling route”. It was fairly long, but when you’re riding in a group, the aim is not necessarily to find the highest cat-hill to climb or the hardest terrain to cross. Instead, we opted for a route where we could wash our eyes with great city-scapes , with a moderate plus effort level. We’ve named this route ‘Five Parks’. Recommended for beginners with enough stamina for two and a half…

Guide - What to Pack for a long ride
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Guide: I’m a noob cyclist, what to pack for a long ride?

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB One of Cyclondon‘s most pressing aims is to help newbie cyclists getting comfortable with cycling. Those of you who have just now taken on cycling, may have some questions concerning some longer than usual rides, the most common one would be “What to pack for a long ride”. We are meant to be a blog by cyclists for cyclists, and rather than some super-duper gear review which isn’t useful to 99% of us, we will try to help you tackle issues as mentioned above.

cycling route folly arch
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Route: Potters Bar & Folly Arch

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 18-18.5 miles ⏱️ Duration: 1:35 hours 🚴 Difficulty: intermediate 🚲 Terrain: road/uneven  Last Sunday we’ve taken on not only cycling up hill on a North to London route, but also 15-20 mph winds, which kept us humble throughout the course. The Folly Arch, which lies at the end of Potters Bar, was our half-way point, although if u have several hours, this can very well turn to a gravel/expert route all the way to Brookmans Park. A good cycling up hill effort if you want to practice some more than moderate…

cycling jackets review
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Review: Which Cycling Jacket Do I Need ?

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB One of the aims of Cyclondon blog is to help cyclists getting comfortable with cycling. Those of you who have just now taken on cycling, need to think about cycling throughout the entire year, especially if you are planning to keep at it for your commute. Moreover, now when cycling is getting popular around the UK to the level of so many out of stock items, you may want to take advantage of the hot weather and decide “Which cycling jacket you need” for when winter comes. We will try to help you…

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Route: Hampstead & Highgate Morning

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 9.99 miles ⏱️ Duration: 45-50 hours 🚴 Difficulty: intermediate 🚲 Terrain: road/uneven (potential gravel) I have nicknamed this cycling route Hampstead & Highate morning due to the fact that it mainly runs on roads with no separated cycling lanes, so it’s better to do in the calm morning hours, however this is a recommendation only. The name is also deceiving as it doesn’t pass through Hampstead nor Highgate villages. It’s an endurance stimulating hilly cycling route with 1,000 feet plus elevation gain, so get the quadriceps ready!

City of London Cycing Route
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Route: Explore the City of London

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 8 miles ⏱️ Duration: 45 minutes  🚴 Difficulty: Beginner 🚲 Terrain: Road As lockdown doesn’t seem to be easing much yet, and congestion charge in central London is up and imposed 7 days a week, we find solace in the roads of the City of London, which remain clear and cyclist-friendly. An easy beginners’ 8 miles London cycling route covering some beautiful old buildings, and rich in history.

Cycling Route Mill Hill Totteridge
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Route: Mill Hill Totteridge Circuit

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 15-20 miles ⏱️ Duration: 1:35-2 hours 🚴 Difficulty: intermediate 🚲 Terrain: Road/Uneven A wise man named Tony once told me “I don’t know why everyone moans about the weather in England, if you don’t like it – the next day you get something else.” And indeed, a sunless morning turned a North London cycling route to a soaking experience, but for the sake of Cyclondon Blog, we’ve decided to go on with the intermediate hilly adventure. A quick (1:30-2h) circular route which will get your quadriceps toned.