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Route: Potters Bar & Folly Arch

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 18-18.5 miles ⏱️ Duration: 1:35 hours 🚴 Difficulty: intermediate 🚲 Terrain: road/uneven  Last Sunday we’ve taken on not only cycling up hill on a North to London route, but also 15-20 mph winds, which kept us humble throughout the course. The Folly Arch, which lies at the end of Potters Bar, was our half-way point, although if u have several hours, this can very well turn to a gravel/expert route all the way to Brookmans Park. A good cycling up hill effort if you want to practice some more than moderate…

Posted in climbs/hills Cycling intermediate road Routes routes in London

Route: Hampstead & Highgate Morning

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 9.99 miles ⏱️ Duration: 45-50 hours 🚴 Difficulty: intermediate 🚲 Terrain: road/uneven (potential gravel) I have nicknamed this cycling route Hampstead & Highate morning due to the fact that it mainly runs on roads with no separated cycling lanes, so it’s better to do in the calm morning hours, however this is a recommendation only. The name is also deceiving as it doesn’t pass through Hampstead nor Highgate villages. It’s an endurance stimulating hilly cycling route with 1,000 feet plus elevation gain, so get the quadriceps ready!