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Review: Which Cycling Jacket Do I Need ?

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB One of the aims of Cyclondon blog is to help cyclists getting comfortable with cycling. Those of you who have just now taken on cycling, need to think about cycling throughout the entire year, especially if you are planning to keep at it for your commute. Moreover, now when cycling is getting popular around the UK to the level of so many out of stock items, you may want to take advantage of the hot weather and decide “Which cycling jacket you need” for when winter comes. We will try to help you…

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Route: Hampstead & Highgate Morning

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 9.99 miles ⏱️ Duration: 45-50 hours 🚴 Difficulty: intermediate 🚲 Terrain: road/uneven (potential gravel) I have nicknamed this cycling route Hampstead & Highate morning due to the fact that it mainly runs on roads with no separated cycling lanes, so it’s better to do in the calm morning hours, however this is a recommendation only. The name is also deceiving as it doesn’t pass through Hampstead nor Highgate villages. It’s an endurance stimulating hilly cycling route with 1,000 feet plus elevation gain, so get the quadriceps ready!

City of London Cycing Route
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Route: Explore the City of London

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 8 miles ⏱️ Duration: 45 minutes  🚴 Difficulty: Beginner 🚲 Terrain: Road As lockdown doesn’t seem to be easing much yet, and congestion charge in central London is up and imposed 7 days a week, we find solace in the roads of the City of London, which remain clear and cyclist-friendly. An easy beginners’ 8 miles London cycling route covering some beautiful old buildings, and rich in history.

Cycling Route Mill Hill Totteridge
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Route: Mill Hill Totteridge Circuit

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 15-20 miles ⏱️ Duration: 1:35-2 hours 🚴 Difficulty: intermediate 🚲 Terrain: Road/Uneven A wise man named Tony once told me “I don’t know why everyone moans about the weather in England, if you don’t like it – the next day you get something else.” And indeed, a sunless morning turned a North London cycling route to a soaking experience, but for the sake of Cyclondon Blog, we’ve decided to go on with the intermediate hilly adventure. A quick (1:30-2h) circular route which will get your quadriceps toned.

Review: What's the Best Cycling App
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Review: What’s the Best Cycling App

by Cyclist Yoni, rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB When we started Cyclondon, the vision was to have a fun cycling blog. Our secondary aim is to help newbie cyclists getting comfortable with cycling and to write posts which veteran cyclists can enjoy too. While Coronavirus forced a cycle-frenzy in the UK, we decided this blog would be aimed not just at Londoners (despite its name), and not only  for sharing and suggesting routes. We believe that posting cycling gear reviews, is equally important. Currently, the writing staff is still thin, nor do we have major cycling brands standing in line….

Regents Canal Ride
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Route: Canal East

by Cyclist Yoni., rides Brompton, Gravel and MTB 📏Distance: 15 miles ⏱️ Duration: 1:15-1:40 hours 🚴 Difficulty: beginner-intermediate 🚲 Terrain: Road/Uneven As one of our suggested routes to start off our Cyclondon Blog, I’ve decided to go with an easy and relatively flat cycling route in London, that combines roads and uneven pavement.